Glenn Tamura
Quartermaster - Navy

Glenn Tamura, entered basic Naval Training Command, San Diego,
California on 1992, after graduating as an Airman Apprentice, AN
Tamura reported to his first duty station on aircraft carrier USS
Carl Vinson (CVN 70). While attached to his first command, due to
shortage of staffing, the ship’s Chaplain department was searching
for personnel to assume the position as Religious Programs
Specialist with administrative skills which AN Tamura possessed,
Once interviewed and accepted into the department by the
Command Chaplain AN Tamura cross rated as Religious Programs
Specialist (RPSN).
Throughout the years RP1 Tamura have provided religious
programs administrative and logistical support to numerous units
most notably serving as an Individual Augmentee with Combined
Joint Task Force Seven (CJTF-7) during Operation Iraqi Freedom
in 2003-2004. On 2005 after meeting all the requirements for the
Fleet Marine Force designator pin, RP1 Tamura was assigned to
Marine Corps Aircraft units Marine Air Group 39 and Marine
Support Squadron 373.
After undergoing years of numerous deployments, training
evolutions and military educational programs, RPSN Tamura
eventually advanced to the final rate as Religious Programs
Specialist First Class (RP1 SW/FMF) retiring after 20 years of
active duty of naval service on 2012.


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