Yes on AB 1623

- 2/24/2022


Veterans and Advocates,

We need your help on a bill going through the California State legislature that aims to provide state tax exemption for retired uniformed services members: AB 1623 (Ramos).

AB 1623 recognizes the vital services these uniformed service members contribute to our nation and intends to extend a state benefit to those who served for twenty years - the uniformed services’ retirement age. AB 1623 also recognizes our state’s National Guard and provides that the exemption benefit begins at 60 years of age.  

The purpose of AB 1623 is twofold: to honor those who dedicated their life to serving their country, and to retain and attract uniformed service retirees to California for the purposes of strengthening the state’s skilled workforce, bringing stability to communities, and contributing to the state and local tax base.

Will you take a moment to send a letter to your state legislators today?

Please help us tell the Assembly that the veterans’ community strongly supports AB 1623 and supporting those who served in the uniformed services. Use our simple, fast online letter-writing tool to send a letter to your legislators today.

Thank you for your support!